Drum Lessons in Dumfries

Drum Tuition is now available in Dumfries.

Call: 07981 336 316

Paul Braide

” I think that lessons with [Ben] have helped me be a lot more creative with playing drums and playing music in general. I am glad I choose these lessons over curriculum-based school lessons. [He} offer[s] a lot of help and choice in the sort of playing I want to do as well as introducing me to things I would never have gotten to play.”

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Drum Lessons at Lovers Lane,

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Here are some free lessons from my Youtube channel.

As one of Glasgow’s best known drum tutors for the last 10 years I am now splitting my time between the big G and the small D. I am really looking forward to working with Lovers Lane Studios to deliver my lessons.


Drum teacher, Ben Martin.

Call Ben: 07981 336 316 / bgmrhythms@gmail.com

Any one can learn to play the drums. However your age and the way you learn will decide how you should be taught.Read my article about The Age of The Drummer to see which category you fit into.

Contact Ben: 07981 336 316 / bgmrhythms@gmail.com

Drum Lessons in Glasgow and Dumfries.