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Basket Case (Review from Yell.com)

“I started drum lessons with Ben, after not playing for 4 years, previously my only other experience of lessons was being shown a piece of music, and told which drum to hit when. I had no knowledge of any techniques and as such could not play well at all. Ben was very open to listening what I would like to learn, (to learn to play drums not just learn this song or that song, which I realize may not have been the most precise goal), and taught me all of the tools I needed to succeeded, starting with simple stick control, working up to how to play doubles successfully with one movement and the many ways to use the bass drum pedal and how best to combine these uses. On top of being a great (and patient) teacher he’s also a really nice guy and easy to talk to, I would recommend lessons here to anyone, especially if you are looking to improve your technique as I was.”

Anne Logan

“…we – me, my two sisters and my niece and nephew – had a great time at our drumming lessons on Saturday. I think it’s fair to say that The Stereophonics won’t be signing me up any time soon, but I really enjoyed it. My sister loved it so much, she’s going to go back. This is all thanks to Ben. What a lovely guy. He was EXTREMELY patient and a very good teacher. Made us all feel very comfortable. Thank you very much.”

Dee Mc Elhinney

“I started lessons over a year ago with Ben, he is a great teacher and uses some very useful teaching techniques that have enabled me to progress in drumming and bass drum technique. He shows great patience and encouragement which have enabled me to build confidence and play with a band! I’d recommend Ben to anyone interested in playing drums!”

Paul Braide

” I think that lessons with [Ben] have helped me be a lot more creative with playing drums and playing music in general. I am glad I choose these lessons over curriculum-based school lessons. [He} offer[s] a lot of help and choice in the sort of playing I want to do as well as introducing me to things I would never have gotten to play.”

Rob Jenkins

“I got in touch with Ben following a personal recommendation. I was self-taught up to that point and had hit a real plateau with my playing. I knew I needed to learn some proper stick control to get where I wanted to be. Ben was great. He was quick to tune into my many limitations and had a solution for everything. Not only that, but I learned to read drum scores and to break down complex patterns by ear. Ben also broadened my horizons by recommending many great musicians I had never heard of. In no time I was tooled up to progress independently. That plateau is now a distant memory.”

Taylor Browning

“Taylor has been attending drumming lessons with Ben for over 2 years now, since he was 5 years old. From the start he has enjoyed them and has always been happy and enthusiastic to come along. He enjoys the variety and relaxed style of Ben’s teaching – sometimes led by Ben and sometimes by Taylor himself! Many thanks for taking him along this drumming pathway and like all mums, I hope it leads to great things! Keep up the good work! “
– Maggie Browning


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